SEB Bottling Solution

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Our bottling process involves labelling followed by filling and then end of line packaging. We can incorporate a wide variety of different sizes and shapes of label in full wrap, full wrap and neck and front back neck configurations.

We currently package into six different shapes of bottle across 330ml and 500ml sizes but are constantly reviewing our range of stocked bottles. We also have capability to run 750ml and 660ml bottle sizes offering a complete spectrum of sizes and shapes to suit the brand owners needs.

For end of line we package into carboard boxes, before palletisation and shipping.

Our facility can offer a flexible bottling service, incorporating different bottle sizes (500ml or 330ml), label sizes (full wrap or front, back and neck) and levels of filtration helping you to produce the best possible bottled product.

We can also offer split runs with different bottle sizes, shapes, kegging or canning.

Please contact us to find out more and discuss commercial details.

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